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Join a global network of leaders dedicated to building sustainable solutions to poverty.
What is the African COLLABORATIVE?
The African COLLABORATIVE is a three-day experience designed to foster connections and accelerate progress in the social sector. Nonprofit professionals, social entrepreneurs, and philanthropic leaders unite to share the ideas and innovations solving the world’s toughest social problems. Forget lifeless lectures and stuffy conference rooms; this experience connects changemakers, launches much-needed dialogues, and empowers you to be better at your job.
The African COLLABORATIVE includes keynotes, panel discussions, and breakout sessions. The event is designed to maximize value for the attendee, with 60% of time spent in sessions and 40% dedicated to purposeful networking.


People Involved in the African COLLABORATIVE
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The African COLLABORATIVE Speakers are professionals from across the social sector who join us to share their respective stories and expertise. 
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The Leadership Team is an honorary board of industry leaders and field experts who determine the Winners of the AfIA Awards. 
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The Host Committee is a group of local influential leaders that represent social innovation in host city. 

A community of changemakers driving the social sector forward. 

The African COLLABORATIVE brings together thought leaders and experts from across the social sector, including top NGOs, international agencies, institutional investors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and academics. The African COLLABORATIVE is a three-day experience that connects all levels of the social sector to share breakthrough solutions to the world’s toughest problems, culminating with a celebration of the AfIA Award Winners.

The African COLLABORATIVE an inspiring conference providing a unique environment for Africa’s top social innovators and non-profits leaders to connect, learn and collaborate on expanding their impact. Through round-table discussions, think-tank leadership panels and energetic networking opportunities, participants and professionals walk away with new business strategies, brand exposure, and ignited inspiration for their cause.
African Opportunity Collaborative 

building sustainable solutions to poverty

The African Opportunity Collaborative (AC) annually convenes African global leaders building sustainable solutions to poverty. Social entrepreneurs, innovative nonprofit executives, grant-makers, impact investors, corporate and academic field-leaders, and aligned media are engaged to solve common challenges and spark new opportunities in Africa and around the world.
Predicated on the powerful idea that out of fragmentation can come collaboration, from diversity can come unity, and from cross-fertilization can come innovation—the power of collaboration does not presume a single outcome. Rather, it draws its power from the conviction that people of good will forge their own solutions, directions and alliances, and uncover new ways to combine and leverage resources.
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with thought leaders in social change from around the world. Learn best practices and the latest techniques & technologies to meet your greatest challenges.
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with people who can contribute to your efforts. Find people with similar challenges and learn solutions. Find organizations interested in social impact conferences with resources and capabilities to help you achieve your goals.
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new paths to success. Build new and better processes, more efficient organizations, and better business models. Forge alliances and partnerships to multiply your impact.